Who We Are

"Hi! My name is Nafiza and I like to read. (This sounds like a confession at an Anonymous meeting. Though I will read anything if it appeals to me, I find myself veering towards fantasy the most often. I can be pushed into trying other genres though as you will probably notice from the reviews I write. I live in Canada, the land of Sasquatches and Hockey but I am originally from Fiji and still on the hunt for a book set on an island in the South Pacific that is not a dystopian or anything along those veins. Oh and I aim to take over the world one day. One book at a time. 

Anyway, before you ask me to review your book, if indeed you are inclined to do so, please know that I am very frank about my thoughts where books are concerned. I don’t think I am too critical but I feel that having read as much as I have, I have developed a distinct taste and appreciation for good books. If your book has leaps in logic and love interests who think stalking/intimidating a girl is hot stuff, you don’t want to ask me to review it.  What I do like are books that give you pause, that try to present the same world in different ways. As I said, I will read anything but that doesn't mean I like everything but it does mean that I will try your book at least once.

I have a Kindle so e-books are okay though not a preference."

Hi, everyone! So, I'm Krystle, probably the hardest to please reviewer out of the bunch. I'm a blunt person so I'll specifically state what I did or did not like about your book. There is no sugarcoating from me. Of course, I'm very nice as a whole so don't be afraid. Haha.

If your book is fantasy, I'm at your service. I love fantasy of all types, so I'm not particular. I do not, on the other hand, read books involving vampires and werewolves. Sorry, just totally not my thing. Sci-fi is fun (I love space and futuristic novels) and I'm always up for one of those. Romance is a hit or miss. Contemporary I'm iffy about and mysteries/thrillers are not my style. 

I make exceptions if your book either has horses or an Asian character (especially Japanese). 

I own a Nook so e-books are totally okay with me. I'm the only US-based reviewer. Hawai'i, ftw! And that's all. =).


"Hey! I'm Rida, and I love reading (which, as you've guessed, is why I'm here contributing to this blog). I absolutely love contemporary and fantasy novels. I always try to widen my reading horizons, though, and I'm open to reading every genre. (Except paranormal. I'm not going to read paranormal for a long, long while.) When I'm not reading, I'm out and about with my camera, and when the weather isn't too great, I'm in a cozy corner at home, typing away on my laptop.

Some other things about me: I'm a Nutella-head. Can't live without it. And a die-hard Drake fan. I grew up on Tintin books, so I've got a soft spot for those comics. (Please tell me you've heard of Tintin. Please.) And, well, that's me."


Bee is an obsessive compulsive book-buyer/reader/cuddler who spends too much time inside her head than is considered healthy. She's a sucker for contemporary YA and stories with magic, and if you write magic realism, she might just rush to give you a hug (there SO needs to be more of them!). She open to reading all genres, though, unless it's non-fiction. She likes to call herself versatile (except for, you know, when it's not fiction).
She lives in India and lives off online bookstores (since the actual bookstores don't stock her kinda reads). She doesn't own an e-reader and since reading on the comp tires her out (obviously), she's extremely picky about e-books. Can you tell she likes her print copies best?


"Yooo. So I'm Aleeza, an 18-y.o. avid reader and aspiring writer (more of a reader than a writer, at this point). Like lots of the members of the blog, I am also of mixed nationality--half Pakistani, half-American, in my case--and while I wish I were a fantastic combo of both cultures, mostly I'm chock full of cultural contradictions. Why is this relevant? Because my taste in books is also similar. I swear by contemporary even though whenever I hear of an upcoming high fantasy title I salivate at the thought of getting an advance copy. In other words, versatile is my style, yo. I will admit that PNR & dystopians are sort of my least favorite of the bunch. Ever since I broke my personal record and read 250 books in 2011 (nah, I'm not much of a braggart at all *cough cough*), I've become much a more critical and hard-to-please reader. BUT, I can promise you that if I do love a book, I am going to fan-girl the shizz out for it and give my 110% in getting that book in the hands of other peoplez.

Since I live in Pakistan (I think I mentioned that before, eh?) I'm quite used to reading ebooks, so they work fine for me.

Also: any book with traveling /road trips/foreign settings/slowwwww burn romances is always high on my must-get-hands-on-asap list. 


"Hey, I'm Jess, the Aussie of the group. I'm 20 years old, and an aspiring writer, as most of the others i this group are. 

Most of the books I'll be reviewing will be fantasy. I hardly have an interest in other genres, unless they come with high praise from people I trust. One exception to this is if they're Aussie books. I'll be reviewing a lot of Australian books, because, frankly, they don't get the recognition they deserve. 

I will consider books that evoke a sense of wanderlust. So, if they're set in exotic locations, or have a road trip feel to them, or are simply adventure books (fantasy or otherwise), then I'll grab it in a heartbeat.
I completely avoid dystopians, and am yet to find one that I actually enjoy (apart from The Hunger Games), and I'm not really into paranormal romances, unless they're for adults and have a strong, sexy heroine, and lots of hot, steamy, sexy scenes.

I'm highly critical of books. I rate them based on set criteria. Those are: Cover Art (or art in general, if it has any), Plot, Characters, Writing, and my total enjoyment out of it.  But, while I sometimes have a harsh way of critiquing, if I love the book, I will squee about it till the cows come home. 

Lastly, I accept both physical copies, and ebooks, though, as I have a Kindle, some forms of ebooks are preferable over others (MOBI is most preferable, followed closely by PDF. Anything else is a nuisance)."